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Because every child deserves the chance to thrive!

And every child deserves an IMAGINATION COACH - someone who can help them create change by accessing and igniting their inherent creative assets - fantasy, and imagination.  Using these elements, we can introduce children to their inner higher resources – show them how they can be in control of their own mind, their bodies, and well-being.  We can also give them valuable tools for managing perceptions to their inside world and responses to the outside world around them.


Whether at home or at school, kids are trying to navigate current situations reflecting patterns they developed as young children.  Add to that, the pressures they feel to be like everyone else, and the beliefs they have about themselves, and the result is stress that manifests as any number of maladaptive behaviors and habits.  Through hypnosis, coaching, NLP, and EFT, we can transform limiting beliefs, remove negative blocks and emotions giving your child every opportunity to thrive and grow into the best person he or she can be.

The Process - 4 Sessions, 2 Hours Each, 1 Incredible Experience

My experience has taught me that for clients to experience true shift in this work, they must commit to that process mindset. As such, ALL new child clients engage me in a 3 session package designed to set the foundation for change, remove barriers to change, and reinforce that change. You can read more ABOUT THE PROCESS here.


Working with children is a family affair.  Parents and primary caregivers play an important role in the success of this approach, so naturally, the process includes setting a solid foundation for the parents to create success for the child at home. As such, I engage all new child clients (younger than 18) in a 3-session package in addition to 1 session for the parents or primary caregivers - that's 4 sessions total and includes the following:

Complimentary Parent Consultation - (3o minutes)

Over the phone or via Zoom, with one or both parents.  Occasionally, following this session, I may ask you to schedule a Complimentary Parent-Child Meet & Greet to establish rapport with your child and assess whether we are right-fit to work together.

Parent Foundation Session - (2 Hours)

During our time together, we will explore specifics about your child's issue as well as the opportunities to engage his or her positive resources to get him or her to success. We will also explore in more depth your role in the process. You will learn about how we communicate through the process, and receive tools for positively reinforcing at home, the work we do in session.   You will also experience a hypnotic programming session designed to support your success through this process.

It is preferred that both parents attend this session at the same time, without the child. I do not typically move forward working with a child without having conducted this session. In some instances, however, I may choose to waive this requirement and instead, conduct a Complimentary Parent-Child Meet & Greet.  This is a session wherein I meet the child prior to moving forward with doing any work at all with the family.

The cost of the Parent Foundation Session is $250 regardless of your choice to move forward with sessions for your child.   

Child Session 1  - (1 - 2 Hours)

This is the first meeting with the child. One parent may stay throughout and the discussion is geared toward helping your child articulate the gap between where they are and where they want to be and then explore his / her resources for getting there.   Depending on the age, the child may experience a brief hypnotic programming session designed to improve confidence and self-esteem or engage in a story or other activity designed to create awareness and insight.

Child Session 2 - (1 - 2 Hours)

We will start the session with observations and insights over the week and discussion about where things shifted.  Depending on where the child is, we may move forward with a live hypnosis session or even the creation of a customized recording to use at home.  This session may or may not include the parents as determined appropriate by the parents, the child or me.

Child Session 3 - (1 - 2 Hours)

Again, we will start the session with observations and insights over the week and discussion about where things shifted.  Just as with the first session, depending on where the child is, we may move forward with a live hypnosis session or we may do some NLP or even tapping.  This session may or may not include the parents as determined appropriate by the parents, the child, or me.

Subsequent Sessions - (1 - 2 Hours)

Once the initial 3-session package has been completed, it may be necessary to schedule your child for additional single sessions as needed, with or without parents, as determined appropriate by the parents, the child, or me.

In every session, I am capitalizing on the child's learning style and looking for avenues to take advantage of how they pattern and use information.  I am always looking for an opportunity to find your child's best skill and inner resource and leverage it in the domain of their area of concern so they can shift their perspective, which shifts how their bodies feel, which shifts what they can do.  

I have a lot of tools to accomplish this.  You may click to read more ABOUT THE TOOLS.  I will also share these tools in the Parent Foundation Session.  

How Long Will It Take

How Long Will It TakeI have no way of knowing how many sessions it may take a child to create the shift he/she wants to enjoy, or the family expects to see.  However, I pledge to work efficiently and diligently to maximize our time together while sharing resources with the parents to help cultivate as much change as possible at home. 

The Investment

The Parent Foundation Session is $250 and the Initial 3 Session Package for the child is $600,   As this is already a deeply discounted service, no other discounts apply.   The single-session rate for children is $250 per session after the initial 3 Session Package has been completed. 

The Goal....your child thriving in the life they desire and deserve!

This work is about formulating long term strategies for success. My job is to strengthen, support and guide you and your child through resolution of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and disruptive behaviors. Transformation occurs over time as everyone learns and builds upon those learnings to condition the deep inner mind to maintain the change. True transformation is achieved when your child can return to past activities and triggers (people, places, things etc.) without distress.

Imagine Powerful Positive Change

Dani Fox, MBA, CLC, CCHT

Disclaimer: We understand that every individual's experience is unique and results may vary depending on various factors, such as attitude, adaptability, personal history, and overall health. For your safety and well-being, we highly recommend consulting your physician before beginning any program. At Dani Fox, MBA, CLC, CCHT, we do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe any medical or psychological disorders. We urge you to seek the care of a qualified physician or psychotherapist if you suffer from any psychological or medical disorder. Thank you for choosing Dani Fox, MBA, CLC, CCHT as your partner in your journey towards Powerful Postitive Change.

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