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Growth From the Inside Out

A young nautilus starts out with 4 chambers and as it grows, it builds new chambers connected to the old ones resulting in about 30 chambers in adulthood. Essentially, the nautilus expands its living space by growing from the inside out – the oldest inner layers transforming into the outer protective outer shell fortified by multiple layers of inner strength. The typical client who engages my help is a well-functioning person who wants to improve an area of their life, but who hasn’t quite been able to affect that change on their own. In essence, I help them remember and connect to their inner chambers of strength, to grow and create the life they desire.

We are partners on this journey - co-creators in driving toward your goal and key to our shared success is my commitment to you and your commitment to the process.

The Process - 3 Sessions, 2 Hours Each, 1 Incredible Experience

This work is a process. The disruptive behaviors, limiting beliefs and negative emotions you are experiencing right now, did not appear over-night, so they do not often transform over-night. And to get at the root of the problem is like working backwards through all those layers to discover where things may have gone awry in the growth process. So our work will contain elements of deconstruction and reconstruction – deconstructing where you are, so we can reconstruct where you are going.

My experience has taught me that for clients to experience true shift in this work, they must commit to that process mindset. As such, all new hypnotherapy clients engage me in a 3-session package designed to set the foundation for change, remove barriers for change and reinforce that change.

Complimentary Consultation (3o Minutes)

This is our chance to talk about what’s going on for you -- where you are and more importantly, where you want to be. We will briefly discuss the process and the techniques we will use to get you to your goal. We may conduct this session over the phone or in person upon request. We may schedule one or all of your 3 Sessions during your consultation.

1st Session - The Foundation (2 Hours)

The objective of the foundation session is to clarify the goal, bring to consciousness the barriers keeping you from realizing that goal, and engage in a powerful process to condition your deep inner mind to the process of going into hypnosis and prepare you for working in the hypnotic state. At my discretion and depending on client readiness and prior experience with hypnosis, we may accelerate the process and do more advanced work in this session.

2nd Session - Removing Barriers (2 Hours)

The objective of every session after the foundation is to acknowledge what has shifted since the last visit, clarify the goal, explore the barriers in the way of realizing that goal, and engage in some kind of process to transform the barriers.

3rd Session - Reinforcing the Change (2 Hours)

Now that your subconscious is conditioned to my voice and the process of going into hypnosis, we will spend about 30 minutes talking and then go straight into the most powerful techniques to resolve remaining blocks and activate inner resources to reinforce the desired shift.

Subsequent Sessions - (1 - 2 Hours)

Once this initial 3 session protocol has been completed, it may be necessary to schedule additional sessions as needed. The per session rate will apply for single sessions purchased outside of a package.

The Goal....back to thriving in the life you desire and deserve!

This work is about formulating long term strategies for success. My job is to strengthen, support and guide you through resolution of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and disruptive behaviors. Transformation occurs over time as you learn and build upon those learnings to condition the deep inner mind to maintain the change. True transformation is achieved when you can return to past activities and triggers (people, places, things etc.) without distress.

Imagine Powerful Positive Change

Dani Fox, MBA, CLC, CCHT

Disclaimer: We understand that every individual's experience is unique and results may vary depending on various factors, such as attitude, adaptability, personal history, and overall health. For your safety and well-being, we highly recommend consulting your physician before beginning any program. At Dani Fox, MBA, CLC, CCHT, we do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe any medical or psychological disorders. We urge you to seek the care of a qualified physician or psychotherapist if you suffer from any psychological or medical disorder. Thank you for choosing Dani Fox, MBA, CLC, CCHT as your partner in your journey towards Powerful Postitive Change.

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