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Not Convinced This Stuff Works? Check Out Some Case Studies

Case studies illustrate the diverse applications and profound benefits of these changework modalities. Each study provides detailed accounts of the techniques used and the positive outcomes achieved. If you're curious about how these modalities can help you or someone you know, explore these real-life success stories for inspiration and insight.  

There is an extensive body of case studies across many medical, mental health, mindfulness and coaching resources showcasing the transformative power of these change work modalities can address and resolve a variety of challenges. Organized by topics such as anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, weight loss, phobias, pain management, smoking cessation, sleep disorders, self-esteem, confidence, PTSD, and trauma, these case studies offer valuable insights into the effectiveness of hypnosis, coaching, NLP, EFT, mindfulness and more.

Anxiety & Stress

Discover how hypnotherapy has helped individuals reduce anxiety and manage stress through techniques like progressive relaxation and guided imagery.


Learn about the positive impacts of hypnotherapy on depression, helping clients achieve significant improvements in mood and outlook.


Find out how hypnotherapy has assisted individuals in overcoming addictions, including alcohol and gambling, by addressing underlying psychological triggers.

Weight Loss

Explore case studies on how hypnotherapy facilitated weight loss and managed emotional eating by changing clients' relationships with food.


Understand how hypnotherapy helped clients overcome various phobias, such as fear of flying and arachnophobia, through visualization and suggestion therapy.

Pain Management

See how hypnotherapy has been used to manage chronic pain and reduce the severity of migraines, providing significant relief for patients.

Smoking Cessation

Learn about the long-term success of hypnotherapy in helping individuals quit smoking, even after multiple failed attempts.

Sleep Disorders

Discover how hypnotherapy improved sleep quality and duration for clients suffering from insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Explore how hypnotherapy has helped clients build self-confidence and overcome self-doubt, enhancing their overall self-esteem.

PTSD and Trauma

Find out how hypnotherapy has been effective in treating PTSD symptoms in veterans and helping clients heal from childhood trauma.

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